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Tricuspidata: Devoted to high-quality group threads. Membership by nominations and second(s).

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Purpose. Habits to try to acquire. Click "Read More."

The general purpose of the group is laid out here, in Viki's article on limited access threads

Habits that will allow this group to work:


2). When via the Watchlist you SEE a seed or article go up , join thePUBLIC Group thread by clicking the tab over the first comment labeled Tricuspidata. (You may also start a Group thread by clicking the tab marked "Start a new Group discussion" and then checking the Tricuspidate box).

3) When you POST or CLIP something to the group, put a tracking comment on the Group thread.

4)When you VISIT the Group page, check the list of active Group threads which are conveniently located top center. If one seems intriguing or active, clicking that link takes you DIRECTLY to the Group thread.

Two tentative rules. Keep an "inside voice" when engaged on a Tricusp group thread, however loud your "outside" voice might be on the Vine. Membership by nomination and seconds or two seconds.